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Our church constitution dictates that the church have one central board, referred to as the Leadership Team. This team consist of 9 church members and the Pastor. These members are voted on by the church body at our annual business meeting, last held in December 2020.

The Leadership Team acts as a whole, but each member has their special area of ministry and serves as the contact person(s) for concerns falling under that ministry.

The team meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

You can download our Church Constitution here:

Service Ministry

Pastor Clyde McCammack

This team focuses on property maintenance, work days, housekeeping, serving those who are facing financial constraints.



Pastor Clyde McCammack

This team focuses on worship services, communion preparation, baptisms, and greeting visitors.



Kim Hendricks


Julie Wells

This team focuses on mission support, evangelism, community outreach events, and prayer.



Carolyn Smith

Angie Robinson

Julie Rook

Jenni Kidwell


Joyce Clevenger

This team focuses on events within our church such as picnics, funeral dinners, men's/women's events, visitation with sick or shut in members, and the operation of Common Grounds.



Zachary Hendricks

& Sherri Robinson

This team focuses on small groups, educational ministries and curriculums.

Image by Sven Brandsma
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