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Nursery Volunteers:

Our nursery is staffed by two volunteers each week. Volunteers are over the age of 16 and have an annual background check.

Nursery Rules:

Children ages 3 and under are permitted in the nursery. For the safety of the babies, we ask that older children enjoy Kids Jam.

Parents are welcome to stay in the nursery, but not required. We do not have a way to watch the service from the nursery.


If you are a nursing mother we welcome you, but you may find the our cry room to be a better option. Located just off the sanctuary, the cry room has a one way window and gliders so that you can still enjoy the service and tend to your children.

Please know that this is completely at your discretion. Your crying child will not disturb the service. It's been said  “If you go into a church that does not have a crying baby, that church is in trouble. It has no future. So, let us thank God for crying babies.” With that in mind, most of us have been or currently are parents of young kids. Do not be embarrassed when your child cries, talks, or generally acts like a child. They are the future of the church!

Image by Sven Brandsma
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